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Our Vision

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CEPS vision is to bring together and connect as many independent consumer organizations and individuals in Serbia for joint action in the field of consumer protection, in accordance with applicable laws, as well as European and international standards, to promote the rights and interests of consumers in the public and contributes to strengthening the position of consumers.

The implementation of these visions is aimed at fighting CEPS for:

  • the eradication of poverty;
  • achievement of social justice;
  • respect for human rights and dignity of the individual and his family;
  • construction socially and environmentally sustainable market and economy in Serbia;
  • promote the rational management of economic resources in Serbia.

Ceps.rs - Informisanje i edukacija potrošača Srbije, kao i želja da se kroz zaštitu prava potrošača od pasivnog konzumera stvori aktivni potrošač svestan svojih prava.

Adresa sajta www.ceps.rs

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